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Thankful Thursday 1.0

My friend Annette over at Enjoy Your Healthy Life often talks about things she is thankful for, calling it Thankful Thursday.  I love it and think that right now, while things are so stressful, I could really use a moment to stop and think about what and whom I am grateful for. So, thanks Annette, for the reminder!

1. Fresh fruits & veggies.


You guys. How awesome is this? We got out of the city yesterday and picked our own vegetables and fruit and it was WONDERFUL. Having all this choice makes me feel good and also makes it more likely that I will eat well! I like variety and I am so grateful that we could do this.

2. My family

I have always loved my family, but we haven’t always been close. With all that I’ve been struggling with I finally let them in and we have become closer than we’ve been in years.


They have all been so kind to us through this move, offering to help us furnish the apartment and supporting us in any way they can.


I’m just so grateful to be close to them both geographically and personally. I love them so much.


3. Coffee

I’ve never been one of those “omg…must…have…coffee” kind of people. Mostly, I just really enjoy it. My new apartment gets really nice morning sun and having a quiet coffee in the mornings has been so peaceful.


4. Curtains

We have big, tall windows in this apartment which is great. Airy! Bright! Also not very private. My Mom was kind enough to offer to buy us curtains and they are all finally here!


Not only do they make the space feel more homey, but it’s nice to not show all of Inwood my delicate bits. They are such a small thing but make me so happy.

5. Flowers

My husband got me these yesterday on his way home from class. We don’t have a lot of extra money right now and it is probably my biggest stress at the moment. Yet, he still did this. Something small sometimes makes a big difference.


Oh, some do the whole “Throwback Thursday” thing too, so here is a two for one!



What are YOU thankful for?

Begin at the Beginning

Apparently I started blogging back in 2003, when I was a very different person. I was in graduate school. I was in a relationship with a man who never said he loved me. I was binge eating and exercising to an unhealthy degree. I wasn’t happy.  I’m guessing I started blogging like most do, to just get their thoughts out there. Seems that’s what I did.

I started reading the old blog and while it was neat to see the ‘old Sarah’, a part of me felt…triggered? A lot of my past I really don’t want to see again. I just don’t want to. I’m not proud of some of the things, but mostly? It just feels like a really old, sad, confused me. It hurts me to see her struggle and to remember it. My brain has shut out some of those memories for a reason and while a walk down memory lane would be nice, I don’t think I’m ready just yet.  I’m just now coming into my own at almost 33, and I think it’s important for me to stay here in the present for a little while. To get comfortable, settle in; make a butt print on my seat before I delve into the 10 years before now. I think I need to honour that feeling in me for now. For now.

Fast forward a few years. I’m overweight and reading healthy living blogs like it’s my J.O.B. I dislike my job. It’s wearing me down and I’m looking for light.  I really did find the light, the hope, the potential in these HLBs.  I got the idea that I could succeed. That maybe, I could write too and share my information, my success and my passions with the world!  It took me a while after that to really get settled. It took Jennie asking me to write for Food Lush. It took me feeling confident before I started Fear No Food.

But I struggled to blog there. I wasn’t good at stopping the cooking process to take pictures. My pictures weren’t very good. I realized I was horrid at keeping track of what I dumped in the pot for dinner. Furthermore? I just…didn’t WANT to keep track.  Around this time I started feeling jaded about healthy living blogs and suddenly, my own words while genuine, felt crappy.  I wanted to share my life and loves with people. I wanted to help them succeed and be very honest and real. But this blog wasn’t it.

So I abandoned that one and hopped on over here! It’s new and I’m still getting settled here. I’m getting a few people to read what I say. I’m more open. Less composed. Less structured. I share more. I feel more comfortable immediately here which I think is a good sign.  That said – I hope you guys stick around to see what I do with the place!

(Thanks to Ginger for starting this Bring Back the Words prompts! I’m excited to participate and hope you’ll think of joining in. Writer’s block and anxiety be gone!! This is a post for Week 1.)