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Cop Out

I am the worst when it comes to sickness.  I admit it.

I apologize in advance – but I have succumbed to the sickness! Just in time for more company and Thanksgiving!

I just woke up from the couch & am headed to bed.  Sorry friends.

Worst NaBloPoMo post ever!



I am tired and anxious about my first day tomorrow so I thought I’d do a little blog meme to pass the time!

    1. Song that always makes you happy – Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz. I can’t help but dance and groove to it when it’s on! 
    2. Song you listen to when you’re sad – Damien Rice – 9 Crimes. 
    3. Favourite album of all time – Goodness, can anyone really choose this? I will always love Eric Clapton Unplugged. Dave Matthews Band – Crash and Live at Luther College will always make the list. 


  1. A memory associated to an artist of your choosing – Guys, I was a bit of a stoner for a bit in college. Shocker right? I remember going to a PHISH concert with my then boyfriend. We ate brownies and…I ate too much. I have select memories from that concert and they are funny. Probably just to me.  I also have some pretty funny memories to Pink Floyd, mainly because he is always attached to laser light shows. In case you wondered – the sound of a beer can opening is well hidden by the opening cash registers of ‘Money’. 
  2. First record you bought – Naughty by Nature – 19 Naughty III (aaahahhahaha. On cassette.)
  3. A song that reminds you of someone you love – Anything by Joshua Redman, Army by Ben Folds Five
  4. Most hated song of all time – anything by Taylor Swift. 
  5. Favourite guitar solo – Just about anything from Live at Luther College (Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds) or something from Leo Kottke. 
  6. A song no one would expect you to love – Blurred Lines? 
  7. A song you’d like at your funeral – Jason Mraz – Live High
  8. A song you’d like for your first dance – My first dance WAS to The Doors – The End. Haaa, oh Sarah
  9. Karaoke song – American Pie, simply because it was my first karaoke when I lived in Copenhagen. 
  10. An artist you used to love but don’t really listen to now – Soul Coughing. I still love them, but haven’t listened in a long time! 
  11. Which genre of music features most heavily in your collection – Indie? Acoustic? 
  12. Which genre(s) do you try to avoid – COUNTRY.

So there’s a taste of my musical history! Wish me luck, tomorrow is my first day of training. 

I promise I’ll have some substance…soon.