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Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

I feel like I’m barely here these days. I really want to be here. Seriously.

I loved November when I wrote almost every day. It felt good. It felt like I shared a lot and it wasn’t just all the moaning and whining that I tend to do. I felt like maybe people read and didn’t immediately roll their eyes with my drama.

Then I got a job and the holidays happened and I’m not sure I recovered. So I figured I’d give WordPress’ Daily Prompts a shot to see if I could get back into the swing of things.  What could it hurt?

Hah. Well. Today’s prompt is:

Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

The answer to this is NEITHER. I would like NEITHER OF THESE THINGS PLEASE.

Really. What an awful prompt! Both of these situations are insanely anxiety causing for me. I really did try to give this a shot. I sat and tried to calm my inner hyperventilation response and think critically about which I’d prefer.

I mean, being dumped on an island might be kind of cool. There’d be beach and hopefully palm trees. (Unless it’s Long Island, then I just don’t really want to get dumped there.)  It might be warm and tropical and feel like a vacation at first. There might be coconuts and fruits or other fun things I could eat. Thing is? There might also be RESTLESS NATIVES that like heads on sticks. There could also be crazy new carnivorous animal species that would like to gnaw on my massive thigh. What if I got dehydrated or couldn’t start a fire, Survivor style? What if there was some sort of disease-carrying bug?

So, no remote island drop-off, please and thank you.

The second option – who the hell would ever want to be locked in some strange building? It’d be all cement-y and cold. It would probably smell like sweat, or paint, or dirt. For some reason I keep picturing myself in a never ending stairwell of fire doors that don’t open. (Perhaps that’s because I asked if there were stairs I could use at work and was told no – only exiting stairs with locking fire doors last week.)  There could be offices with mini-fridges in them which would be fun, but maybe not. If it’s anything like other offices I’ve been in, they get all gross and grimey and I probably wouldn’t want the food anyway.  Then I picture cubicles of death and a missing stapler a la Office Space.  Or maybe it’d be more like an episode of Burn Notice, when you’re locked in a building and there are people outside waiting to save you? That’d be way cooler. I mean, as long as Michael and Fiona were coming to rescue you anyway. Right? Like that’s ever happening.

So. No strange building. Nope.

Oh look, the prompt did get me to write about how awful it was.  Funny how that works. Either way, I’ll do my best to not get locked in any strange buildings or find myself on Gilligan’s Island anytime soon. It might be tough.

Would you have a preference if pressed? Stranded on an island or locked in a strange building? It’s CAPTIVE’S CHOICE!

ALSO – is there something you want to know about? A topic that I’m familiar with? How I do my hair? Who my ‘list’ is comprised of? Something about me? Please – tell me what to write about!