Resources for Highly Sensitive People

In my constant searching for understanding, I’ve decided to start compiling a list of resources and helpful information. My list primarily focuses on adults as I am one learning to cope with being HSP, but Dr. Ted Zeff and Dr. Elaine Aron both have great sections and books on the sensitive child. I would highly recommend their websites (listed below) if you’re a parent of a sensitive child.

If you have something to add – email me!

Note: This is a partial/fragmented list. I am continuously searching and will add/edit regularly.

My own twitter list of HSP support people. Information. Quotes of encouragement. Resources.


HSP General Information, Research & Help


  • A psychotherapist’s page of resources and help to learn to USE your sensitivity in a positive way. Very empowering. 

HSP & Coping

HSP & Relationships/Love


  • Some tips for family, loved ones and friends of HSPs. I can tell you from first hand experience, knowing someone understands you, or at least is trying to – is SO helpful and reassuring.
  • Such a GREAT piece of writing about HSPs and friendship. Goodness did this article resonate with me, as I’ve always struggled with keeping friends and the feelings of loss when they disappear or don’t work. (I Highly recommend this if you are a friend of an HSP to better understand)

HSP & Emotions

HSP & Sound

HSP & Health/Healing

HSP Bloggers & Writers

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