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Since I have been so whiney lately, I thought it was important to find some gratitude.

I am grateful that my Nana is getting to spend time with her sister this week. It makes me sad to think it may be their last time together, that my Aunt can remember. She seems to be up and down with her dementia and I just hope the visit goes well. I’m also grateful that my Aunt Cat could make the trip possible for Nana.

I am grateful for romance novels, both the sweet and the smutty. There is nothing like disappearing from the world for a few hours into a romance. Not everyone likes them, but they are the only way for me to just stop thinking completely.

I am SO grateful that I took the leap and went to Birth Doula Training. It was an AMAZING experience tonsit around with 12 women all day. Socializing,  communicating, sharing. It made me a bit of an emotional wreck (shocker) but it was just such a wonderful experience. It helped me to realize hoe important having a community of support is.

I am also grateful that I chose the trainer I did. I had such a good feeling about her before I signed up and that paid off in spades. She was warm, caring, strong and confident, yet so intuitive. I loved her.  I want to be best friends and bake her cakes. I am hoping to connect with her and gain experience and knowledge. I really, really loved her. If you are in (or near) NYC and need a Doula or want to attend training, give me a shout. I have the perfect woman for you!

I am grateful for slippers and legwarmers. It is chilly here amd I am totally taking advantage of that with colorful legwarmers and sock monkey slippers!

I am grateful for Netflix. Otherwise, how would I watch the spandex-clad amazingness that is Star Trek The Next Generation!? Wil Wheaton? Deanna Troy?  Come on.

I am grateful for friends that understand me. Being HSP is often difficult. It makes an already tough situation feel that much more intense and overwhelming. Sometimes it is so easy to hurt, hide and feel alone.  Those voices that lie, tell your incorrigible ear that you ARE alone. Then, someone messages you. Texts. Emails. Or you find it in you to reach out and are met with a flood of support. I am so very grateful for those of you that have shown your support, cheered me on and rooted for me to keep going. I am also grateful for those that have reached for me when they needed someone most. Thank you for that trust, and for letting me share your burden.

Sometimes it is hard to find anything in this cloudy haze of depression, but I’m glad to find some things. It’s important. I am important.

What are you feeling grateful for?

Thankful Thursday 1.0

My friend Annette over at Enjoy Your Healthy Life often talks about things she is thankful for, calling it Thankful Thursday.  I love it and think that right now, while things are so stressful, I could really use a moment to stop and think about what and whom I am grateful for. So, thanks Annette, for the reminder!

1. Fresh fruits & veggies.


You guys. How awesome is this? We got out of the city yesterday and picked our own vegetables and fruit and it was WONDERFUL. Having all this choice makes me feel good and also makes it more likely that I will eat well! I like variety and I am so grateful that we could do this.

2. My family

I have always loved my family, but we haven’t always been close. With all that I’ve been struggling with I finally let them in and we have become closer than we’ve been in years.


They have all been so kind to us through this move, offering to help us furnish the apartment and supporting us in any way they can.


I’m just so grateful to be close to them both geographically and personally. I love them so much.


3. Coffee

I’ve never been one of those “omg…must…have…coffee” kind of people. Mostly, I just really enjoy it. My new apartment gets really nice morning sun and having a quiet coffee in the mornings has been so peaceful.


4. Curtains

We have big, tall windows in this apartment which is great. Airy! Bright! Also not very private. My Mom was kind enough to offer to buy us curtains and they are all finally here!


Not only do they make the space feel more homey, but it’s nice to not show all of Inwood my delicate bits. They are such a small thing but make me so happy.

5. Flowers

My husband got me these yesterday on his way home from class. We don’t have a lot of extra money right now and it is probably my biggest stress at the moment. Yet, he still did this. Something small sometimes makes a big difference.


Oh, some do the whole “Throwback Thursday” thing too, so here is a two for one!



What are YOU thankful for?