Friday Five

1. After my first day of WORK, I am POOPED. I did not sit down all day. Really. Never. I also didn’t plan well so had no food or coffee. By the time I got home, I was teary, achey and emotional.

When I told Mom I was tired, as usual, she said, “Good tired though! You have a job!”

No. I am beat. I am just TIRED. Yes, I am so, SO grateful to have a job. It has zero bearing on my tiredness. I AM JUST TIRED, DAMNIT!

2. I love Thai food. I ordered takeout today after crashing and it was a good idea. I never get sick of it and I can almost always find vegetarian options. I definitely miss the amazing Thai food in Vancouver, but tonight’s food hit the spot. 

3. Tomorrow will be busy. Farmer’s Market,  ALL OF THE LAUNDRY and Target then home to clean.  My Mom and Stepdad will be visiting all day Sunday and Monday and staying with me! Then I work two full days and a Vancouver friend shows up that night for five days. I am excited to have another vegetarian here for Thanksgiving and I may brave the crowds to go to the Macy’s parade. We shall see.

I may want to crash in 8 days. I hope for no meltdowns.

4. I am back to reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. I read the first…17ish books and wanted to keep reading but it has been so long! I borrowed my first eBook and restsrted the series. I forgot how much I loved Anita. She is helping me get over the loss of other characters as a series ended. Do you get attached to serial characters? I do, then I struggle to get in a reading groove again.

5. Dad had a CT Scan this week to check the progress he is making. He had swollen lymph nodes in his groin, chest, throat and armpits as well as cancer cells in his bone marrow. I assume they are checking the size of these nodes.

He will find out Tuesday what the results of the scan are while he sits down for round FOUR of six chemotherapy treatments.  If you are the praying or thinking type – he could use some. We could all use some good news this holiday season.

What tidbits do you have lying around this Friday night?

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