I have very little to say tonight except that…I HAVE A JOB!

It is temp to perm, but is for an employer I believe in and whose philosophies on the body and health really match mine. I felt so great at the interview and felt like I could really belong with the rest of the staff. I will be able to help people in their journey to health and be a part of that, which I love.

So! I am excited but also TERRIBLY nervous about fitting in and learning new stuff and aaahhhh. Crazy but…so, so glad.

This job will also let me gradually get back into working. A couple shifts, then 25 hours, then full time which I know will be SO helpful for me as change…well. Change is not my best friend. So it’ll be a gentle transition amd while I could use full time hours NOW, I better understand how I work best and really, this will be so good for me. If I honor my sensitivity and listen to myself, I know that this slower transition will help me to be more successful.

Thanks for all your love and support, friends. Truly. I don’t honestly know where I would be without knowing you were there. I know I still will struggle but damn, if this doesn’t help for today. Today, I am grateful and can breathe.



7 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Home. I’m trying this again.

    I am so happy and relieved for you that you have found something for you. I think about you often, you probably don’t know quite how much. So happy.

    And I opened a CDP yesterday and it was the postcards and they are excellent. Thank you!

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