Crazy Magic

Okay guys. There is basically zero point to this post other than to say I haven’t felt so good all evening so I have been lazy, whining and not writing.

Then when I decided I needed to put SOMETHING up, I was already watching thid special on David Blaine.

Guys. GUYS. This dude is so messed up! I say this like putting himself in blocks of ice and what not didn’t already give you a hint. But holy HELL. He is just…well, I don’t even know. His magic isn’t like David Copperfield let’s-make-a-train-disappear kind of illusions. I have no idea what to call it!

He puts ICE PICKS through his hands!  He spits KEROSENE! He gnaws off the corner of cards and bills then SPITS THEM BACK TOGETHER!?


Yeah. I don’t know either. I mean, when you can make Ricky Gervais all skeeved out and physically uncomfortable by something, you’ve really arrived.

He is crazy and he will die like Houdini I am sure of it. Succumbing to his own feat of nutballness. Suffocating in a glacier or something. In the meantime WHOA! You go, crazy dude.

This is all to say that crazy magic is the reason this post is tomorrow for the Eastern folk. If you’re not on the east coast I COME FROM THE FUTURE AND IT IS DARK!

Yeah. I know it is after midnight. It still counts. NaBloPoMo strong!

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