I had recipes to share today. I also had a spiritually lifting afternoon today in the park by myself that I wanted to write about but here we are at 11:30pm and I haven’t written.

I am tired today. I fought depression today and won, but that makes me tired. In body…not mind. Oh no. Not mind.

I stead my mind is just CHURNING with anxiety and worry. I have some pretty serious dental issues I need to get fixed fairly immediately but am TERRIFIED. Terrifief and embarrassed. I have a BIG interview tomorrow (at 2pm EST if you have some love to spare) and I have family and/or friends here from the 23rd through December 2nd. I am feeling kind of lonely and sad tonight.  I might have some stuff on my plate.

ANYWAY! I walked around 5th Avenue last week and the Christmas decorations were going up! I have odd feelings about the holidays. I don’t get as excited as others do at this time of year. I get more anxious than anything. But this? This made me smile and feel somewhat excited to see Christmas in New York.

I think it will be something special.


(Look at those diamonds!)

5 thoughts on “Diamonds!

  1. Oh man, I love Christmas time in New York. The whole 5th Ave/Rock Center area is great. It was annoying when I worked there (getting through the crowds to go to lunch was OBNOXIOUS), but my favorite is the light/music show on the Saks 5th Ave building–I could watch that for hours, and it almost always made up for the tourists.

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