Sometimes I lick the butter knife. (Don’t worry, I don’t use it afterwards!)

I still sleep with a stuffed animal. Currently, her name is Lucy. She is a moosey.

I often forget that I need to go to the bathroom. I need to be reminded. (Order me up the Depends now, folks.)

I stress bake. And cook. I need more mouths to feed.

I dislike being the last one awake to the point of actively working to keep someone up, but I looooove going to bed FIRST.

I like to read some seriously smutty novels, but I tend to skip past the sex. Go figure.

I very often don’t want to shower because ‘I don’t want to get wet’.

I am fascinated by many religions. I wish I could pick people’s brains constantly. I just don’t want to be a part of most of them.

I find it difficult to spell color, favorite, neighbor and especially labor without the U. (Colour, labour etc.)

I know NOTHING of Harry Potter and strangely have no interest. I haven’t read a book, seen a movie or anything else. So I never have a clue when people talk HP, but…eh?

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