Annie Bananie

You all must be so sick of cat pictures but I won’t can’t stop.

The truth is, that little thing was my first real, ‘I am on my own’ pet. My roommate had a kitten that kept attacking our feet. I wondered if we had a second one, just maybe they would play and leave us out of the violence. So, I went to the SPCA to look at a cat I had found online, Leonard. We thought a male cat might be a good partner.

When I got there, Leonard was gone, but I decided to walk around anyway. Being auch an animal lover, the kennel area was so hard. There was a 4 month old, female kitten there, just crying out to me. She was so pretty and her mewing so adorable!  I thought I really wanted a male cat but the staff encouraged me to go sit with her in the playroom.

Well, folks.  I think you know how that went. That was fall of 2002.

Obi came next, in 2003. Sadly he was put to sleep in 2011 after bowel surgery discovered an aggressive form of feline cancer.

I digress.  This mottled little girl has been with me for 11 years. Not only has she crossed this continent TWICE by car, she has also been witg me through the hardest moments of my life.

Lately, when I am crying in bed or not feeling well, she will often come up and cuddle. (By cuddle, I mean walk all over me, ‘talk’ and be obnoxious before settling down next to me or near me.) I am so grateful for her intuitive presence.

It makes me remember my first depression. I remember not getting out of bed for 4 days. I flunked out of graduate school. I left my thesis and my Assistantship behind. I cried and prayed for help. I finally got help by getting strep throat. I got an emergency appointment at my Family Practice and as soon as he was done checking my throat I just…poured out. I still remember the look on his face. He was so taken aback. I don’t blame him. A 22 year old girl just emptied out her insides, when all he thought she needed was antibiotics.

Annie never left my side. Neither cat did as I laid in bed for hours upon hours. They slept on my pillows, refusing to be far from me. They were truly, the only source of comfort I had in those days.

So if I seem unhealthily attached to my cat, I probably am. She has been through it all with me. She never judges. Never poo poos. Never puts me down. She just listens, purrs and is there. (And demands food, petting and bedtime.)

She may be too smart for the laser pointer and might be absolutely ridiculous but she is also sweet, gentle, loving, cuddly and still goes bonkers for catnip and plays like a kitten. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

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