A New Day (NaBloPoMo 3)

Sometimes a whole lot of sleep, some sugar therapy (hahaha, ALL THE CANDY) and tears really do make a difference.

I won’t say that today is awesome and perfect, but I haven’t cried yet so I’ll take that.  You guys were all SO amazing yesterday, I truly cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of support that you all gave me when I was really low. I was struggling so much with self worth among other things and to feel such love from such a huge group of people certainly was great medicine. Thank you for reminding me to not apologize, to breathe and let go. I let go straight into a near four hour nap.

This morning was better. I got a good amount of sleep and woke up with arepas on the mind. I made green chili and cheese arepas with scrambled eggs, sat down and got to job hunting. I applied for a bunch that are related to my previous work and a few generic jobs. Either way, more applications are out. I’ll check again tomorrow.

Now I have plans to do some cooking, maybe baking, a bit of reading for my doula class that starts on SATURDAY and then make some caramels.

Source: Smitten Kitchen

Today is better, in large part due to your support. Thank you friends, I couldn’t ask for more.  Sometimes this sensitivity stuff just heaps a whole lot of spin ontop of an already stressful situation and it just helps to have people to remind me of my worth and of reality. Really. I get so wound up in things that no matter how badly I want off the ride, I can’t seem to find the exit.

Sometimes, as a friend said to me, it just helps to know you’re not alone.


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