Sick Days

Heeeeyyyy, look who’s back on the Bring Back the Words Train! I’m so happy to be slowly settling down and joining back in on the fun. Thanks to Ginger for keeping this going.

I’ll be honest here and say that I am rarely, truly down-and-out sick. I tend to get sniffling misery, or a random sore throat here and there, or maybe some general ‘ick’ but as far as down for the count sick? It’s rare around here. Knock on wood.

There have been a couple times that I can think of, three actually, that I was sick enough I just wanted it all to end. Dramatic to say maybe, but if you know anything about me, it fits. When I’m sick…I am SICK, pathetic and a bit difficult to deal with.

The first time I can remember being so horribly sick was when I was spending a term abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I lived in a little apartment with three other American students and started running a fever. After sleeping all day with what I believe was a stomach flu, I woke up to an empty apartment and apartment building. (The rest of the students were in the same building – 15 of us in total) They had all decided to go out clubbing, leaving me terribly ill and at home alone. Thanks guys.  My most vivid memory of that time was kneeling on the heated bathroom floor, afraid to move too far, wishing for cold tile. Never in my life have I ever wanted a bathroom floor to be colder more than I did at that moment.  I also called my mother, who later told me to never call her that sick again from so far away, because it broke her heart to not be able to help. Thanks Mom.

Another time was 4 or 5 years ago in Vancouver. I had some stomach bug that rendered me a useless, moaning blob of flesh in bed.  My husband had to just leave me in the bedroom to writhe alone because there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t decide whether to kneel, or sit on the toilet and I was in agony. At one point, I made the wrong choice and (TMI warning) made a mess on the floor that I was then too sick to clean up. Bless his soul. My so-kind husband has spent the better part of the last few years teasing me about that moment but it basically makes me want to cry when I remember how awful it was.

The most recent was a cold bug this past Christmas. I didn’t feel so hot on the 10 hour drive North and by the time we got there I had about a day before it hit me. Fever, chills, congestion. I rarely come down with colds like this and I just couldn’t manage. I wasn’t sleeping very well and the best moment of my day came around 5:30am when I couldn’t sleep and tip toed out into the bathroom for a hot shower. Unfortunately I think I woke up the house when I did this, but it was the only time during the day that my throat didn’t hurt, that I could breathe and that I felt human. Even if it only was for 15 minutes.

There was also an awful NeilMed bottle incident during that sickness. I normally use a neti pot when I can, but so many of my friends recommended the bottle. We ran out and grabbed it and I used the solution provided to fill it up. My nostrils must have been severely irritated because it felt like I was driving acid through my nasal passages. It was awful and so painful. I spent the next hour crying because my sinuses felt like they were on fire. It was absolutely awful. Thankfully, I got well enough for the actual holiday to cook and enjoy the merriment.

As far as what makes me feel better when I’m sick? I like to make a ‘nest’. Plop down on the couch with pillows, a stuffed animal (yes I’m 5 years old), a warm rice bag, books, magazines and anything that will keep me busy. I just like to stack it all up there with me and live there for a few days if I can. Holding and sipping a cup of hot tea makes me awfully happy when I’m not feeling well too.  Miso soup or Pho are favorite meals during sickness. I’ll be honest and say that I like being doted on when I’m not feeling well. My most favorite thing? Having my back touched or my hair played with.

When’s the last time you were dropped by illness? Is there anything that makes you feel better? 

(This post inspired by Bring Back The Words Week 14 link up over on Ramble Ramble! Why not check out the other people participating or join in yourself? Everyone could use some inspiration and community!)


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