The “I Wish I Was Going to the Blathering But I’m Not” Vlog!

Ooooh. Super screen capture there folks.

I am sadly not attending The Blathering this year but WISH I was with all my might. However I have been watching all your vlogs and have been loving them! So I decided to do one anyway for y’all.

I realized I FORGOT a question. GASP! My perfect date is one that I don’t plan and don’t have to decide/pick/make anything for it. It will involve cell phones being put down, a nice (not necessarily fancy) dinner somewhere and something fun. Walking around a new area, something touristy. I like lots of things, I just don’t want to plan it.

I’ll be interested to hear if anyone hears an accent! (Most have trouble placing me!)

Wouldn’t it be fun if we all answered some questions sometime like this? More regularly?


8 thoughts on “The “I Wish I Was Going to the Blathering But I’m Not” Vlog!

  1. Ouch, thanks mom. She probably could have come up with a more tactful way to say “out of your league.” But, hey! It’s a compliment for you!

    Yessssss, White Collar. I so love that show.

  2. Ha…I will go to Comicon with you, I have been watching that show as well. Some of those ladies are super snarky, though, so you and I would have to stick together.

    You realize that The Blathering will be in Seattle or Portland next year, right, since you moved from Vancouver to NYC? šŸ™‚

    I just want to hug you and hang out with you.

    1. Of COURSE it will. C’mon New England!!!!

      They are SUCH snarkfests. Yaya…ugh. We need to make this happen.

      You’re the sweetest. I hope at some point we will get that hug and a fancy drink. Or maybe a bud light with lime. šŸ˜‰

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